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EVENT ON SITE Pickup items

Only available by picking up at events:

Anime Expo 2024

Gen Con 2024

A valid event pass permitting convention entrance is necessary.

Pickup Date

07/04 THU 2024

07/07 SUN 2024

7/4-6 9AM-9PM(PDT) ,
7/7 9AM-3PM(PDT)


LA Convention Center Bandai Card Games Booth

Pre-Order Period

05/14 THU 2024

05/31 FRI 2024

5/14 10PM(EDT) - 5/31 10AM(EDT)

A valid Anime Expo pass permitting convention entrance must be
obtained beforehand and is required to pick up the Items.

Pickup Date

08/01 THU 2024

08/04 SUN 2024

8/1-3 10AM-6PM(CDT) ,
8/4 10AM-4PM(CDT)


Indianapolis Convention Center

Pre-Order Period

06/10 MON 2024

07/05 FRI 2024

6/10 10PM(EDT) - 7/5 10AM(EDT)

A Gen Con pass permitting convention entrance must be
obtained beforehand and is required to pick up the Items.

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How to pick-up orders

step 1

Show the 2D Barcode and government-issued ID at the pick-up counter.

step 2

Scan the 2D Barcode and confirm the ID.

step 3

Sign and pick-up!

*Items pre-ordered on this page can only be picked up at the specified events.

*Please note that if you are unable to attend the event, shipping will not be accepted.

The item price does not include the pass of the event. A valid event pass permitting convention entrance must be obtained beforehand and is required to pick up the items.

-Please note that same Items are limited to 1 per type per customer.

(This means you may purchase 1 supply set of each type. For example, 1 Jujutsu Kaisen ver., 1 BLEACH ver., and 1 HUNTERxHUNTER ver. for a total 3 supply sets that are all different types.)

-You may purchase multiple items in a single order but, once an order is placed it cannot be combined with other orders.

-You may collect your purchase any time during the event hours. It can become crowded especially at opening time on the first day, so we suggest checking the que condition at the booth periodically over the day to help avoid a long wait.

*Only the person who ordered the item will be allowed to pick it up.

(You will be asked to show a government issued ID and the screen showing the purchaser’s user name at the event.)

Get a special ACTION POINT CARD per purchase only by pre-ordering!


-When collecting your purchase at the event you’ll also get this card.

-We’re giving 1 card as present for each item purchased.

-For items that have different types each type will count as 1 item. For example, if you purchase each of the Supply Set types, 1 Jujutsu Kaisen ver., 1 BLEACH ver., and 1 HUNTERxHUNTER ver., you would get 3 cards as a present.

There will also be a limited qty for sale on site but will not include the ACTON POINT CARD.

Terms and Conditions

***Please read carefully before placing orders***
*Please be sure to pre-order at the correct event you plan to attend.
*This item may be sold at events or through other promotions held by our company.
*Just the items shown in this page can be picked up in the event. Item not in this page cannot be combined.

*A valid event pass permitting convention entrance must be obtained beforehand and is required to pick up this exclusive item.
*When you place your order, the delivery address will automatically become the event venue and you will not be able to change the delivery address to another location.
*No shipping fee is applied.
*You can only pick up your order at the location and pick up period specified above.
Your order will not be shipped to your requested address after the event ends if you are unable to pick it up.

If you have any questions about buying ticket for the event. Please access the event website for detail.
Anime Expo
Gen Con

Picking Up Your Item at the Event Venue
The 2D barcode and your government-issued identification card which matches the name of the buyer will be required for pick up at the event venue. (No proxies allowed. Only the actual buyer will be allowed pick up the item.)
1. On the day of the event, please show the 2D barcode displayed on your order history page along with your government-issued identification card to the booth staff.
2. After confirming that your ID card and registered user information match and scanning your barcode, the booth staff will present you with a confirmation screen showing you your order details.
3. After confirming that the order content is correct, sign your name in the “SIGNATURE” field and hit “OK.”
4. After the booth staff presses the “Confirm” button, you will receive your order. This indicates your acceptance of the order and that it is a final sale transaction, with no ability to return the item.
5. A confirmation email will be sent at time of pick up.
* The 2D barcode will appear in the “EVENT PICK UP BARCODE” field in your ORDER HISTORY tab on MY PAGE. We will send you the email to let you know when the 2D barcode will be shown.
* Please make sure that the 2D barcode is displayed on your order history page before the event.
* You cannot pick up your order if the registered name on Premium Bandai website and the name listed on your government-issued identification do not match.
* Please ensure to correct your name on your Premium Bandai account registration before the event, if your name is different.
* If you scan a 2D barcode from an order that has already been picked up, the date and time of the prior pick up will be displayed on the screen to show that you have already received your purchase.
* Should this happen when you have not picked up your order, double check to make sure you are displaying the 2D barcode for the correct order and not a previously picked up order, and try again.
The pre-order period for this item may end early than any announced pre-order end date if the maximum order limit is reached. In this case, pre-order cancellations will no longer be available for this item from that time onward as well.
*At a later date this will be available at physical stores, but Premium Bandai USA is the earliest opportunity to purchase.

* Premium Bandai Membership registration is limited to one per person. You cannot register more than once. Therefore, even if you place orders using multiple accounts, you cannot pick up the orders.
* We prohibit transferring or selling the rights to purchase and receive our items.
ーItem(s) once given to you, would not be available for your inspection or checking at the event venue.
* The onsite event staff are not be able to help you with any questions or requests for replacements, returns, refunds, or alternative arrangements in relation to your order or item(s) purchased. Please contact for Event details. If you have any problems with your order or purchased item(s), all inquiries must be made directly to PREMIUM BANDAI’s customer service via
* You can place an order on PREMIUM BANDAI USA even if you live outside of the USA, as long as you are able to come collect your item(s) at the event. Even so, please note that we will not be able to ship outside the USA for your future orders.

If the event has to be suspended, postponed, rescheduled, or cancelled which prevents you from collecting your item(s) on available dates during the event period, we at Bandai will do our best to promptly notify you of any rescheduling or applicable delivery arrangements. Bandai will not be liable for any losses or damages incurred from the unavailability of the pick up service, negligence or omission of Bandai and its employees, agents or subcontractors.