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Because "password" is not stolen or misused by a third party, Premium Bandai offers security measures. Please check the setting after checking.


When purchasing items or changing registration information, you need your own USER ID / password. Please do not forget your USER ID and password, please manage and set so that others will not be known.

  1. Password setting

    Since password that are easily guessed by third parties are very dangerous, please do not use them. When applying to the following "bad setting example", we urgently recommend changing the password.

    Bad configuration example

    • Password set by information such as guessed information and character etc. (Personal information such as Roman character name, zip code, telephone number, date of birth, family, pet, friend's name, character name etc)
    • Easy-to-follow continuation number or continuation character (eg 123 & abc etc.)
    • Characters that people who saw places to enter with the keyboard know (eg 1qaz2w etc.)

    Good setting example

    • Password of long character string
      Password must be 7-20 characters long using only letters, numbers, periods (.), hyphens (-), and underscores (_). Please make sure to use at least one letter and one number.
  2. Change each site

    We recommend you to set something different from the password registered on other sites.

  3. Keep with cookies, refrain from leaving on paper

    If there is a possibility that a third party will use your browser, you can remove frequent cookie deletions, Also, if there is a possibility of being seen by a third party, we do not recommend leaving USER ID and password on paper.


If you use Premium Bandai with a shared computer used by multiple people, such as workplaces, Internet cafes, schools, etc., please follow the procedure of "Sign out" after use.

  • Sign out procedure after using Premium Bandai

In addition, Premium Bandai prohibits multiple people from sharing one USER ID.
Be sure to use the USER ID by the registrant him / herself, and be careful not to share login information even among families.