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About SMS Verification

In order to strengthen our member management, mobile phone SMS verification will be implemented on 4th August 2023 from 10:00 AM on this platform, please assure your registered mobile phone number is valid to receive the SMS.

1. Starting from 4th August 2023, when logging in/registering/updating mobile phone number in your member information page, a SMS verification code will be sent to the mobile phone number provided on the member information page. Members must enter the verification code within 10 minutes to complete the verification process. If the time limit is exceeded, the verification code will become invalid and the process must be repeated.

2. This SMS verification is currently a one-time arrangement but may be subject to further changes in the future to enhance member management.

3. If verification fails, members will not be able to register or login, please pay attention to this.

4. If members are unable to access their account or complete the verification process due to SMS verification failure, please refer to the steps shown on the FAQ page updated after 4th August 2023.

5. Notes on SMS verification:
a. This SMS verification does not support dual SIM cards.
b. The cost will be borne by PREMIUM BANDAI.

If you have any problem, please contact us through email:

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