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Presenting a transformation belt for adults, the 'OOO Driver' in 'Kamen Rider OOO'!
The full set includes all 59 types of 'Core Medals' that had never been made into products!

【Product Description】
The Transformation Belt series created exclusively for adults, the 【COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION(CSM)】, launched its 18th wave of products presenting the 'OOO Driver' , the transformation belt used by the protagonist of 'Kamen Rider OOO' (aired in 2010-2011) Eiji Hino to transform into 'Kamen Rider OOO', and all 59 types of 'Core Medals', the key items in the drama. In addition, with the inclusion of the 'Poseidon Buckle' which can trigger the transformation into 'Kamen Rider Poseidon', the 'CSM OOO DRIVER COMPLETE SET' is now launched.

Also, the 'Core Medals created in the future' which had only appeared as image data in the 2011 movie 'Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max' are made into products for the first time. These Medals can trigger transformations into new Combos (5 types), of which the Hero images are newly created and the transformation songs (songs by Akira Kushida) newly recorded as well.

<OOO Driver & O Medals>
All 59 types of Core Medals, which were not included even in the items 'O MEDAL SET' series and 'PREMIUM O MEDAL COLLECTION' sold during the TV broadcast, are now made into products.

The transformation sound effects of Combos (combinations of Medals) that were not available in the transformation belt 'DX OOO Driver', such as the 'Super Tatoba (Hawk, Tiger & Grasshopper) Combo' and the 'Tamashii Combo', are now recorded. By scanning the cracked TAKA (Hawk), KUJAKU (Peacock) & CONDOR, the sound effect of Ankh's Tajadol Combo transformation in the final episode can be activated.

Furthermore, the 'Core Medals created in the future' which had appeared as image data in the 2011 movie 'Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max' are made into products for the first time. With the assistance from TOEI's Producer Naomi Takebe (Producer of 'Kamen Rider OOO'), 5 new Combos which include the Shigazeshi Combo (Deer, Gazelle & Bull) and the Seishirogin Combo (Walrus, Polar Bear & Penguin) are born.

The tranformation sound effects of the new Combos are freshly recorded by the creator of OOO Driver sound effects in the drama, Akira Kushida. Details about the newly created Core Medals with original designs and the new OOO Combos are released in the attached booklet.

Moreover, the set comes with the 'silver-edged Core Medals' created by Foundation X which had appeared in the movie 'Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders', released on 9 Dec 2017.

<Poseidon Buckle>
By equipping the Poseidon Buckle on the belt of OOO Driver, then combining the SAME (Shark), KUJIRA (Whale) & OOKAMIUO (Atlantic Wolf-Fish), the transformation sound effect of 'Kamen Rider Poseidon' who appeared in the movie 'Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max' can be activated.

<Dialogues Recorded>
Dialogues of the protagonist Eiji Hino and his partner Ankh are largely compiled. By pressing the Dialogue Button on the 'OOO Scanner', a variety of dialogues such as '映司!これ使え!(Ankh)' and 'アンク。行くよ!(映司)' will be played.

By selecting the 'Buddy Voice Mode' with the switch at the back of the 'OOO Scanner', dialogues of Eiji and Ankh will be played after the transformation and finishing move sound effects. The captivating transformation scenes in the drama can then be recreated when scanning the Medals.

On the other hand, by selecting the 'Ankh Navigate Mode', Ankh's instructions such as '映司!次はこいつに変身しろ。クワガタ・クジャク・チーターだ!' will be randomly played, which you can follow to experience the fun of transforming and changing between Combos.

By pressing the 'BGM Button' at the back of the OOO Scanner, 4 BGMs can be played. They include: the theme song 'Anything Goes!', battle BGM '対決・グリード', 'スキャニング・チャージ' and the insert song of the Tajadol Combo 'Time judged all'.

※1. While the Core Medals included in this product are made with the same specifications with the 'DX O Medal Series' previously launched, please be aware that we do not guarantee the same effects when scanned with the 'OOO Scanner' included in the 'Transformation Belt DX OOO Driver'.
※2. While the 'OOO Scanner' included in this product is made with the same specifications with the 'Transformation Belt DX OOO Driver' previously launched, please be aware that we do not guarantee the same effects when it is used for scanning the 'DX O Medal Series'.

【Set Content】
OOO Driver … 1
OOO Scanner … 1
OOO Scanner Holder … 1
O Medal Nest … 1
Poseidon Buckle … 1
Broken TAKA (Hawk) Core Medal … 1
Core Medals … 58

OOO Driver … Waist circumference approx. 78cm~97cm
OOO Scanner … approx. 11.5cm
OOO Scanner Holder … approx. 11.5cm
O Medal Nest … approx. 6.5cm
Poseidon Buckle … approx. 14.5cm
Core Medals … approx. 4cm

OOO Driver … ABS, PC, PVC
OOO Scanner … ABS, PC
OOO Scanner Holder … ABS, PC
O Medal Nest … PC
Poseidon Buckle … ABS
Core Medals … PC, Zndc
booklet with color printing --- Paper

【Target Age Group】
15 or above

OOO Scanner … AAA Battery ×3 (Not included)
Poseidon Buckle … LR44×2 (Included) ※Batteries set are for testing purpose

【Pre-order Limitation】
3 pcs per account

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